Hall of RS-Addresses

Signum uses Reed-Solomon Addresses, making possible to use very neat combinations. Register your RS-Address on this dApp to show it to the community. People can also vote for the best!

My address

  • Install Signum Wallet XT on Firefox or Chrome.
  • Connect to Signum Wallet XT.

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How to register

  • Send 50 signa to <= Click to copy.
  • Or use Signum XT Wallet
  • Or use
  • Or use an
 The sender will be added on this page after 2 blocks (around 8 minutes).

How to vote

  • Send 10 signa to <= Click to copy. Include the vote message.
  • Optionally use the links near the address in section "All registered addresses".

Voting rules

  • Anyone can vote
  • Anyone can vote multiple times
  • You can vote yourself
  • Maximum number of votes is 255 for each address

All registered addresses

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