SmartC NFT v2 Collection


General info

The contract activation amount is one Signa. This is the minimum value to send in order to have the any message processed. It is used by the contract as gas. Excess balance will be refunded to sender. This activation amount does not include the transaction fee (at least 0.00735 Signa). If the message is processed, the contract will return a sucess message. If the message has an error or is invalid, the contract will send an error code.

User commands

bid: to make an offer at some item. If the value is greater than the item price, the user will buy the item. Any excess value will be refunded. If the amout is less than price, the contract will hold the balance and add one offer at that item. Each item can have at most 3 offers. If this limit is reached, the contract will not accept bids less then the lower active offer. If the offer is greater than the minimum, the contract will revoke the minimum offer and add this new offer at that place. If the same user send a second offer, it will replace the old order and the previous order balance is refunded. It is possible to make offers on items that are not on sale (hold).

revoke: At any time the user can revoke the offer and get the balance back.

Owner commands

sell: used to change the item price, must be greater than zero. If there are active bids and the price is lower the highest bid, the item will be sold for the highest bid amount

hold: Items on hold are not on sale, but they still can receive bids.

transfer: select the user to transfer the item to. In order to pay the fees, the recipient must have an active bid in the item and the bid amount must be higher than the transfer fee (the excess value will be refunded). This also avoids transfering items to wrong accounts or burning them.

stop: By default, any new offer received at some item will generate a notification to owner. To stop these notifications, use this command. Notifications will be turned on again if owner send another command (sell, hold or transfer). This command is valid for one item and there is no command to stop all items if user is owner of many items.


For each sale it is deducted from price 5% fee. The fee is added to the balance to be distributed as dividend. Transfers also need to pay fee, it will be 5% of last sale.


When the dividends balance is greater than 17 Signa, the contract will proceed the distribution to current owners. The unspent gas collected from commands will also be added to dividends. There is a special command allowing contract to receive dividends from another account. Each item is considered one share.

Error codes

01 Error parsing the command. Following reasons: 1) No command sent or 2) Command was sent encrypted;

02 Error parsing the command. Invalid command or selected item not in collection range.

03 You are not the item owner. The selected option is restricted for owners.

04 Setting the item price: it is not possible to set price to zero or negative values.

05 Transfer item: Beneficiary must have a bid in the item.

06 Transfer item: Beneficiary has a bid in the item but the value is below 5% of last sale processed. This is needed to pay the transfer fee.

07 Your bid is lower than the lowest bid in the offer book.

08 Trying to revoke a bid, but there is no bid from you in selected item.

09 Error parsing the command. Command was sent as text. Remember to set "Message is text" to false if sending manually.

10 BID amount is zero. Bid must be greater than zero.

11 You are the item owner. Owner can not bid its own item.