Hive, the tumbler

How does Hive, the tumbler works?

The swarm consists of two contract types. The Bees just transport signa between users and the hive. If the amount is less than 10 signa, than the bee delivers the amount to final destination. But if payload is bigger, the bee delivers it to hive.

It is up to hive to decide if the payment will be split and the amounts it will be splitted. If the entire payment can be delivered in 16 bee loads, it will be splitted this way. If not, then it splits in optimal bounce loads. A bounce load is one payment that will be sent to bee, but it will returned to hive. The hive will then split again to bees. This method, together with sleeps between activations, ensure that bigger payments will bounce many times, creating an avalanche of transactions.

At the best, if many transactions are triggered by different users, it will be very difficult to trace transactions just by inspecting them in block explorer.

If you want to test how it works, there is another version in Signum Testnet. Use the testnet page.

This swarm does not make the payments anonymous, but it adds a layer of obfuscation against eavesdroppers.

Final destination

Amount details

Transportation details


Manually: Read all steps carefully! In phoenix wallet (desktop or web versions only) select send signa and:

Sending by QRCode or deeplink are disabled until next Phoenix mobile wallet release.

Using qrcode:

Using deeplink: .


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